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      How to Overcome Depression with Natural Remedies

      Depression Treatment Seattle WA

      If you have ever experienced a bout of depression, or have struggled with the condition long-term, you know how destructive and difficult it can be to manage it. Treatments that seem like miracle cures can end up failing or, in the case of some medications, cause weight gain, loss of libido, and even a sense of numbness that defeats the purpose of treating the illness in the first place.

      Depression affects nearly 120 million people worldwide – 6% of men and 9.5% of women. According to the World Health Association, by 2020, depression will become the second most burdensome disease worldwide, costing more than any other condition aside from heart disease in terms of medical care and lost work days.

      What Causes Depression?

      For some, feelings of despair are linked with traumatic experiences or are part of the cycle of a mental illness, or a hormonal shift like menopause. For others, inherited body chemistry may be to blame. Unexamined, negative thought patterns, low-self-esteem, and other issues can also cause a significant drop in mood and energy levels, particularly if the thoughts go unchecked. Finally, poor nutrition, economic stress, and even child birth can all cause different types and levels of depression.

      If you’re currently depressed, or know someone who is, the following natural remedies can help. However, if you feel you cannot accomplish your activities of daily living or are having suicidal thoughts, be sure to contact a suicide hotline immediately. Don’t wait; reaching out could save your life.

      Naturopathic Medicine Considers the Whole Picture

      When a naturopathic physician at Water’s Edge meets with you about treating your depression, she will assess both your symptoms and your current environment. Lifestyle issues can have a huge impact on how you feel, such as:

      • Poor or infrequent sleep
      • Lack of exercise
      • Diet poor in nutrients and healthy oils
      • Hormonal issues and imbalances
      • Mental, emotional, or spiritual stress
      • Toxicity in your home or work environment

      Once we have an accurate picture of what you are experiencing on a day-to-day basis, we may suggest one or more of the following remedies:

      • St. John’s Wort: Many studies have confirmed that St. John’s Wort is an excellent anti-depressive choice. This herbal treatment provides digestive, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also supports thyroid function and balances the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, all of which support healthy emotional functioning. This treatment can be ingested as a capsule, tea, or liquid extract, and is generally best for individuals with moderate depression who can handle their activities of daily living but lack a sense of excitement or joy. Your naturopath can prescribe the best dose for you.
      • Saffron: This Persian spice can help heal the digestive system from bouts of agitation, often caused by anxiety. Many neurotransmitters reside in the digestive tract, making digestive health vital to emotional balance. Saffron has been compared with Prozac in terms of beneficial, mood-boosting uses. High in carotenoids and B vitamins, this spice offers less side effects than traditional antidepressants and works at least as effectively. Saffron is equally effective when taken in the food you consume or in capsule form.
      • 5-hyrdroxytryptophan (5-HTP): This amino acid can be found in low amounts in bananas and turkey (it’s what makes you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner). Antidepressants are designed to stop the production of enzymes that break down serotonin. However, 5-HTP is designed to give the body the materials it needs to make the happy-hormone, serotonin. Because this amino acid can easily cross the blood brain barrier, positive changes in brain chemistry can occur more easily. Ask your naturopath about this option if you experience both depression and anxiety.

      If you struggle with depression, naturopathic medicine has much to offer in the way of gentle-but-effective cures. Contact Water’s Edge Natural Medicine today to learn how you can combat the negative effects of low mood, holistically.

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