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      Insomnia Doctor in Palo Alto CA

      Tired of counting sheep? Or are you just straight-up tired from not sleeping? Insomnia can majorly affect your life and the life of those around you.

      It's common to occasionally struggle with falling asleep, but when it is a consistent issue, it's imperative to work with a naturopathic sleep specialist. The good news is we are experts at treating insomnia without pharmaceuticals, helping hundreds of patients in the Palo Alto area overcome insomnia.

      At Water's Edge Natural Medicine in Palo Alto, California, we utilize cutting-edge holistic modalities to help you restore your sleep and improve your health. We will help you naturally fall asleep more easily and achieve a deep, restful night's sleep for optimal health.

      If you are suffering from insomnia, take action now. Our sleep specialists in Palo Alto, California, are ready to improve your sleep and restore your health. Speak with one of our naturopathic team members today!

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      What is Insomnia?

      In order to properly treat the root cause of your sleeping disorder, we will need to accurately understand which type of insomnia you are dealing with.

      There are two types of insomnia; primary and secondary. Primary insomnia means your sleeping problems are not linked to an underlying health condition. Secondary insomnia is a sleeping disorder caused by a health condition, prescription medication, or substance use such as caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol.

      Hormonal issues are a common cause of insomnia, leaving the body out of balance resulting in sleeping disorders. In particular, the hormone melatonin, which regulates your body's sleep cycle. We often find our California patients are dealing with either over-or-under produced amounts of melatonin which highly contributes to insomnia.

      Additional factors that may contribute to insomnia include menopause, andropause, stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

      If you are interested in getting to the bottom of your insomnia, speak with one of our sleep specialists today. Water's Edge is a leading naturopathic clinic in California that specializes in sleeping disorders and various health conditions. Call (650) 240-4868 or contact us online.

      You may be dealing with insomnia if you experience the following:

      • Difficulty falling asleep
      • Waking up frequently during the night
      • Poor quality sleep
      • Waking up before your alarm

      Risk Factors for Insomnia

      Sleep is vital for your health and well-being. Our mission is to help you revitalize your health and ensure your sleep is restored by using natural alternative methods that do not involve sleeping pills.

      When your body does not get enough restorative sleep, health problems may arise, leading to more serious complications down the road. If you don't take care of your sleep health now, you may increase your risk of the following health conditions:

      • Diabetes
      • High blood pressure
      • Heart disease
      • Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety

      How We Diagnose Insomnia

      Scheduling a consultation with one of our sleep specialists at Waters Edge is the first step to getting better quality sleep.

      We will conduct a thorough assessment of your current sleep patterns to help determine the root cause of your insomnia. We will also conduct a physical exam and bloodwork to rule out any underlying health conditions.

      Once we have a better understanding of why you are dealing with insomnia, we can then create a tailored treatment plan specific to your needs.

      Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Insomnia

      It has been proven that long-term use of pharmaceuticals and sleeping pills can often lead to dependence and other health complications. With this in mind, it became our highest priority to provide our patients with a safe, natural, and effective treatment option for sleeping disorders. We are proud to be the National leader in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, a remarkable natural treatment for people living with insomnia.

      Bioidentical Hormone Therapy or BHRT, naturally balances your melatonin, estrogen, or testosterone levels with hormones that are biologically identical to the ones your body produces.

      Depending on your specific needs, BHRT can be administered through pills, patches, tablets, creams, and injected pellets. Some of the profound benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy include:

      • A safe and effective way to treat insomnia
      • Naturally balances hormone levels
      • It can be delivered in different forms tailored to your needs
      • Promotes healthy sleep cycles

      Why choose Water's Edge Natural Medicine?

      At Water's Edge Natural Medicine, YOU are our number one priority, and we ensure to make you feel comfortable and heard during your healing journey.

      We strive to improve the lives of our patients by uncovering the root cause of their ailments and providing holistic alternatives to everyday health concerns. Call today and schedule your first consultation!

      Call (650) 240-4868 or contact us online today!


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