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      Treating Inflammation in Palo Alto CA

      If you have experienced widespread pain and inflammation or other unresolved symptoms, you know how debilitating it can be. Your body feels sluggish and heavy, leaving you in constant survival mode instead of thriving.

      This invisible invader can cause some serious health complications if left untreated or masked by pain medication. At the Water’s Edge Natural Medicine in Palo Alto, CA, we work to naturally reduce widespread inflammation and help you get back to a thriving state of health where chronic inflammation is a thing of the past.

      If you think you are dealing with inflammation, call today and speak with one of our naturopathic specialists. We will help you get to the root cause of your inflammation and provide a healing treatment plan.

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      What is Inflammation?

      Inflammation is actually your body’s natural response to an invader as a defense mechanism.

      During an acute attack on your body, your immune system will send white blood cells to the injury site to begin the healing process or to fight off any infectious disease. This positive response protects your body and helps you heal faster. When the injury is healed, the inflammation process ends.

      However, there are times when inflammation lingers for too long, causing uncomfortable symptoms. This is known as chronic inflammation and is the root of many conditions.

      Our job at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine is to find what is causing your inflammation so we can help you regain your vitality and feel great again.

      What causes inflammation?

      If you are experiencing the constant fire throughout your body that chronic inflammation causes, there are a few reasons why your immune system may be under attack. This may be anything from lifestyle choices to an underlying autoimmune disorder. Additional factors that may contribute to chronic inflammation include:

      • Obesity
      • Smoking
      • Chronic stress
      • Alcohol
      • Common allergens
      • Long-term exposure to toxins or air pollution
      • Poor gut health

      At Water’s Edge Natural Medicine, we go above and beyond for our patients, ensuring they receive the answers they’ve been missing. To learn more about Chronic Inflammation, schedule an appointment with one of our naturopathic experts today.

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      Signs and Symptoms of Inflammation

      If you are dealing with acute inflammation, you will see visible signs of the healing process, including redness, swelling, or heat at the injury site. Chronic inflammation, however, can manifest as many different symptoms that may be subtle at first, which is why it is often overlooked.

      If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms that last longer than normal, you may have chronic inflammation:

      • Weight gain or weight loss
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Irritability
      • Body pain
      • Fatigue
      • Diarrhea
      • Constipation
      • Frequent infections

      It is vital to get your chronic inflammation under control so you do not experience more complicated health conditions in the future. Our team of experts will work with you to bring back the balance to your body.

      When left untreated, chronic inflammation may lead to:

      • Heart disease
      • Cancer
      • Obesity
      • Asthma
      • Peptic ulcers
      • Hepatitis
      • Lupus
      • Crohn's Disease
      • Fibromyalgia

      How we diagnose Inflammation?

      We will work with you to find the appropriate healing modality for your specific needs. Our team of world-class leaders in naturopathic medicine utilize innovative diagnostic tools to help us better understand your condition.

      We will consider everything from medical history, family history, current symptoms, and some testing to form an adequate diagnosis.

      How we Treat Inflammation?

      Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for inflammation. Your body was designed with the ability to heal itself, but sometimes it gets a little off track. Working with the right team of naturopathic practitioners is key to finding the missing pieces and helping your body get back on track to ultimately heal itself.

      We may use some of the following treatment options to jumpstart the healing process and get your inflammation under control.

      • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
      • Fish oil supplements
      • Anti-inflammatory diet
      • Hyssop supplements
      • Green tea
      • Weight loss and more

      Request Your Consultation Today!

      If you are tired of dealing with the negative effects of chronic inflammation, then we are ready to work with you. Your body is ready to get back to an optimal state of health where you are thriving and not just surviving.

      Let us help you achieve all of your health goals and create a one-of-a-kind healing game plan just for you. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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