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      Hormone Replacement Therapy in Palo Alto CA

      Hormone Replacement Therapy in Palo Alto, CA

      The production of estrogen, testosterone, DHEA and other hormones begin to decline in both women and men as they age. These hormones are the essential biochemical messengers that help regulate female and male bodily functions like sexuality, energy and metabolism. Produced in the ovaries in women and the testicles in men - as well as in the endocrine glands - these hormones are designed to operate in perfect balance.

      Hormonal shifts and the resulting symptoms that occur during either menopause or andropause – or what’s often referred to as “male menopause” - can sometimes cause uncomfortable and lifechanging symptoms that impact physical, sexual and professional performance – and even emotions and mental function in both men and women.

      Every woman will eventually experience menopause in mid-life, but not all men experience andropause, though it is increasingly common. Between the age group of 50 and 60, up to 40 percent men develop it – and the odds increase with age. More than 90 percent of men age 80 and above experience andropause. Some women and men don’t realize the symptoms of hormonal imbalance can be relieved – or perhaps are hesitant to seek help.

      Don’t continue to allow hormonal changes to affect your quality of life. Contact Water’s Edge Natural Medicine to discuss options for achieving a healthier, more balanced You. Schedule a consultation today with us by contacting us online or calling us at (650) 240-4868!

      What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

      At Water’s Edge Natural Medicine in Palo Alto, CA, we use bioidentical hormones to treat hormone imbalances. Bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical and mimic the effect of the natural hormones.

      Bioidentical hormones are typically derived from plant sources – soy or wild yams – then engineered to the same exact chemical structure of hormones already being produced naturally in your own body. Because of this, the body more readily accepts bioidentical hormones. Because they function in a manner identical to natural hormones, the result is more long-term hormone replacement, fewer unwanted side effects and improved hormonal balancing.

      It has been established that treating hormone deficiencies or imbalanced hormones with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can alleviate troublesome symptoms, help prevent cardiovascular disease and bone loss, and have a powerful impact on quality of life for both men and women.

      Our Treatment Philosophy

      Here at Water's Edge, we have designed our treatment process specifically to ease your symptoms and empower your body to heal itself. Our practitioners begin by listening to your experience – learning about your symptoms and medical history. From there, they will work with you to discover the perfect formula to balance your hormone system, alleviate discomfort, and restore your vitality and health.

      Are There Safety Concerns with BHRT?

      BHRT has been in use for decades and has been a successful treatment option with few, if any, side effects. A variety of bioidentical hormones for hormone deficiency and hormone imbalance have been approved by the FDA for use in both men and women. In men, BHRT has been used successfully for over 45 years. With regard to Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women, BHRT has been in use since the 1930s – that’s almost 100 years – and much has been learned since then.

      For younger men who still wish to have children, there is sometimes the concern that BHRT brings a risk of testicular shrinkage and lowered sperm count. In these cases, Clomiphene citrate (CLOMID), an agent commonly used for female infertility that has been shown to improve testosterone levels, libido and fertility in some cases, is an option. Learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men.

      What Symptoms Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Treat?

      When female and male hormones are out of balance, symptoms are strikingly similar and can include:

      • Low libido
      • Hot flashes in women (and less commonly in men)
      • Weight gain, including an increase in fat around internal organs
      • Decreased muscle mass
      • Erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness
      • Thinning hair and loss of body hair, including reduced beard growth in men
      • Fatigue
      • Changes in mental state, including anger, depression, anxiety and diminished intellectual performance
      • Sleep disturbances and night sweats
      • Lower energy levels
      • Hormone imbalances
      • Slowed metabolism and other metabolic issues
      • Dry, thinning skin
      • Enlarged breasts in males or diminished breasts in women

      There are additional health concerns that may develop, including increased risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. The health concerns of women and men as they age may require a precise balancing of these essential hormones necessary for health, vitality and longevity, which calls for a specialized level of expertise and care.

      What to Expect at Your Session?

      At Water’s Edge Natural Medicine, our naturopaths have years of experience and can help correct hormone imbalance symptoms by balancing hormones like estrogen, testosterone and DHEA with the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

      On your first visit, our team will discuss your medical history, lifestyle, daily stressors, diet, exercise habits, and current medications. The course of BHRT treatment that follows will of course vary with each individual.

      Comprehensive testing is the first step to optimizing hormone levels. We may conduct blood, urine, or stool tests to determine baseline levels of various hormones and to see how well you’re metabolizing and detoxifying hormones.

      The results you experience from BHRT will vary according to individual factors like age, genetic background, as well as lifestyle, health and environmental conditions.

      If you are struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance, working with naturopaths who understand the complexity of male and female reproductive health and hormonal transitions is essential. At Water’s Edge Natural Medicine in Palo Alto, CA, our goal is to help you achieve relief from symptoms, restored health, and freedom from the long-term health risks that come with imbalanced hormones.

      Hormone Delivery Methods

      Because bioidentical hormones can be taken orally or absorbed topically, they may be prescribed to you in various forms, depending on what is right for your body. At Water’s Edge, we make sure to always take your personal preferences into consideration.

      Follow Up Visits and Testing

      Once a course of treatment is prescribed, we will want to see you again for follow-up visits and retesting to ensure that your body is adjusting properly to your BHRT regimen. If any issues arise, your dosage can be adjusted or alternate methods may be prescribed to ensure that you achieve and maintain the right balance of hormones.

      Request Your Appointment Today!

      For years, our skillful, experienced naturopaths practicing at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine Clinic in Palo Alto, CA, have been helping men and women overcome the symptoms of hormonal imbalance with plant-based bioidentical hormones – the safest, most natural form of Hormone Replacement Therapy for both sexes. At Water’s Edge, we can help boost your mental function, libido and energy levels, relieve troublesome symptoms like mood swings and erectile dysfunction, and lower your risk of heart disease and bone loss.

      If you are struggling with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and have questions, we invite you to reach out to us. We’re here for you, every step of the way, and happy to answer any questions you may have about your symptoms and our healing treatments.

      Collect your list of symptoms and questions, and call Water’s Edge Natural Medicine in Palo Alto, CA at (650) 240-4868 or contact us online.

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