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      Portal Login

      The link is for Pre-Registered patients only.  
      If you have not registered and would like to, please contact the office to receive a portal invite for the registration.  

      Portal Login

      Preferred web browsers “Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.” The site does not work on Firefox, etc.
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      General Guidelines for Water’s Edge and the Patient Portal


      Messaging your health care provider:

      • Please do not use the messaging portal. The portal messaging system is not set up for smooth communication between patients and doctors. If you need to leave a medical question or concern, give our office a call at 206.283.1383. Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response, or if you have a new health concern, an appointment may be necessary to ensure that you receive the best care possible in a timely manner.  Thank you for understanding and being patient.
      • If you need a physician’s advice for an urgent medical concern outside of business hours. Please note that there is an $80 fee for this service, call the office at 206.283.1383 if you need after-hours medical assistance. 
      • For all prescription medication refills, please contact your pharmacy directly. They can fax a refill authorization request to the office at 206-283-1924. Once you have contacted your pharmacy, please allow our office two business days to process your request. 
      • For all supplement refills, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

      Lab Results, Treatment plans, or Medical records:

      • Medical records will be released on the portal by request only. You will have to request your records 7 to 10 business days before a scheduled appointment. Please make sure your records request form is up to date. You can contact the front office for the records release form.
      • If you would like to send us medical records, you can do so via the patient portal.

      Appointment reminders:

      • To Opt-in for Text Message and e-mail Reminders, please confirm your mobile number and e-mail with the Front Desk.
      • If you would prefer a phone call reminder instead of an e-mail or text message, please let the front desk know you would like to opt-out of text message and e-mail reminders.

      Schedule a New Patient Consultation

      At Water’s Edge Natural Medicine, we are unable to process and rely on insurance claims for payment. Your insurance may pay for some of our services, though, and we will be happy to provide specific necessary codes so that you can file for reimbursement. Learn more.

      Please do not submit any Personal Health Information (PHI). Current Patients can reach us via phone at (206) 966-4522