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      Patient Testimonials

      All of my consulting with other medical professionals had not helped my worsening problem with perimenopausal symptoms. I felt terrible, with PMS 3 weeks every month. After working with the team at Water's Edge, I now have peaceful cycles with no severe mood swings and my energy is great! It is the best I have felt for years!!

      - N.L.G

      I was tired and agitated with strange symptoms, plus carpal tunnel, which my medical doctor told me would take months and months to go away. Within 2 weeks of starting the Water's Edge program, all my symptoms were gone. This process will radically change your life for the better!

      - P.M.

      I had been experiencing this illness for over 10 years. After 3 months of care at Water's Edge, I was very pleased with the improvements in my health. I would recommend them to anyone I know. They have one of the most comprehensive approaches I have seen and they follow up very closely on symptoms and treatment.

      - J.O.

      Within the first 3 weeks of starting with Water's Edge Clinic, I've had no more symptoms, my energy level is up, and I am able to sleep better than ever. I cannot recommend them highly enough. This program has done more in this short period than I ever expected.

      - A.N.

      I can't thank you enough for all of your help. After 3 miscarriages and a year of fertility drug treatment, we had all but given up. My personalized metabolic cleanse process and natural hormone therapy was just what we needed to conceive and progress normally through this pregnancy. Thank you for your nurturing care!

      - L.M.

      The Female Hormone Panel pinpointed my migraines exactly. Now I'm using bio-identical hormones, and the migraines are gone!

      - D.A., 39

      I was worried I couldn't conceive until I went to Water's Edge. They helped me map my hormone cycle and showed me exactly what to do. Now I'm pregnant!

      - P.B., 32

      After 1 month of my metabolic cleansing, my 20 years of menstrual cramps were gone.

      - B.T., 44

      Chronic fatigue plagued me for 5 years. I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning. Now, I'm back at work and have good, consistent energy.

      - S.A., 53

      I didn't feel right about using synthetic hormones, yet suffered from hot flashes and menopausal problems. Then I discovered the Water's Edge bio-identical hormone treatment.

      - S.P., 48

      I was so irritable and mean with PMS, my family could hardly stand me during the last 2 weeks of my cycle... until my hormone balancing treatments at Water's Edge Clinic.

      - L.W., 38

      Are you tired all the time? Feeling blah even after exercising? Gaining weight and you are hardly eating anything? Do you have pain in your body and you don't know why? Well, Dr. Abrams is just the person you need to help you.
      My husband and I had our lives completely turned around and healed by the caring staff at Water's Edge. Your yearly physical with your primary care physician can't even come close to the extensive, in depth, testing done here. Dr. Abrams and her staff found fairly significant issues in our health that we weren't even aware of! Had we not been made aware it could have led to severe health issues down the road.
      It is not inexpensive by any means, but it is worth every penny you spend. You will feel amazing when the team at Water's Edge is done with you!
      A big hug to the entire team for changing our lives. Pack and Sheryl

      - S.S.

      I've been been a patient at Water's Edge Clinic for over four years. The personalized treatment plan the doctors and staff carefully created for me has brought me to optimum health. The doctors and staff have thoughtfully monitored my progress and adjusted my plan when needed to keep me healthy in mind body and spirit. I can't thank them enough.

      - R.D.

      A beautiful space! Super welcome and energy was amazing. Dr. Abrams is wonderful! Her work space is very calming and serene, and she takes as much time as needed to get to know each individual.

      - A.R.

      I have progressed through to "Phase 2" and am feeling so much better than when I first came here. I still have a ways to go to optimum health but am so very pleased with the care I'm receiving and how it all makes sense. Dr. Abrams is experienced, knowledgeable and very specific in her approach to helping me towards wellness. There is no clinic like this!
      I found Water's Edge Clinic through a Google search - and was pleasantly surprised to get an appointment promptly. I have been so impressed! A thorough pre-appointment questionnaire gives the Water's Edge team an insight to your needs, the "phase" approach allows you to prioritize your health care, and the expectation is set for YOU to participate in how you want to proceed. I love that the Water's Edge team empowers me to be responsible for my health. I know a lot about health/nutrition and have been able to take care of myself and family for many years. Now in my "post-menopause", I need expert care - and have found it at Water's Edge clinic. Will be updating my review as I proceed through their care - did I mention the "team approach?" Wonderful!

      - L.T.

      I just had my first IV therapy. I did the Energizer. So glad that I did! I feel better already. I'm amazed with how nice the staff is - from when you first walk in to the doctors in the back. I also really liked the massage / gravity zero chairs and the chill music. My wife and I love the chairs that face the outdoors. We will definitely be back. Thanks again

      - P.D.

      I have found Dr. Abrams to be a brilliant cutting-edge natural medicine specialist! She has changed my life and so many other lives that have gone to her for medical help. I highly recommend Watersedge clinic to anyone that wants to better themselves and their health on every level. Dr. Abrams skill and expertise in hormone balancing and antiaging is off the charts. Thank you waters edge staff and especially Dr. Marina Abrams for giving me a healthier happier life!

      - T.R.

      Yea, Water's Edge Natural Medicine is in Menlo Park, Calif. closer to Gilbert, Ariz. than the office in Seattle, Wa. Water's Edge , Dr. Marina Abrams saved my husband's life. I also received care from Dr. Marian Abrams. Have continued with the program. Blood pressure and diabetes is very well under control. We feel soooooo good and are eating and living so much healthier. Thank you Dr. Abrams from Wayne and Jacque Dooley.

      - J.D.

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