Patient Testimonials

"All of my consulting with other medical professionals had not helped my worsening problem with perimenopausal symptoms. I felt terrible, with PMS 3 weeks every month. After working with the team at Water's Edge, I now have peaceful cycles with no severe mood swings and my energy is great! It is the best I have felt for years!! "


"I was tired and agitated with strange symptoms, plus carpal tunnel, which my medical doctor told me would take months and months to go away. Within 2 weeks of starting the Water's Edge program, all my symptoms were gone. This process will radically change your life for the better!"


"I had been experiencing this illness for over 10 years. After 3 months of care at Water's Edge, I was very pleased with the improvements in my health. I would recommend them to anyone I know. They have one of the most comprehensive approaches I have seen and they follow up very closely on symptoms and treatment."


"Within the first 3 weeks of starting with Water's Edge Clinic, I've had no more symptoms, my energy level is up, and I am able to sleep better than ever. I cannot recommend them highly enough. This program has done more in this short period than I ever expected."


"I can't thank you enough for all of your help. After 3 miscarriages and a year of fertility drug treatment, we had all but given up. My personalized metabolic cleanse process and natural hormone therapy was just what we needed to conceive and progress normally through this pregnancy. Thank you for your nurturing care! "


"The Female Hormone Panel pinpointed my migraines exactly. Now I'm using bio-identical hormones, and the migraines are gone!"

D.A., 39

"I was worried I couldn't conceive until I went to Water's Edge. They helped me map my hormone cycle and showed me exactly what to do. Now I'm pregnant!"

P.B., 32

"After 1 month of my metabolic cleansing, my 20 years of menstrual cramps were gone."

B.T., 44

"Chronic fatigue plagued me for 5 years. I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning. Now, I'm back at work and have good, consistent energy."

S.A., 53

"I didn't feel right about using synthetic hormones, yet suffered from hot flashes and menopausal problems. Then I discovered the Water's Edge bio-identical hormone treatment."

S.P., 48

"I was so irritable and mean with PMS, my family could hardly stand me during the last 2 weeks of my cycle... until my hormone balancing treatments at Water's Edge Clinic."

L.W., 38

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