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      What Should I Expect from a Naturopathic Care Provider?

      Naturopathic Care Provider Expectations Seattle WA

      Looking for effective, affordable – natural – solutions for your health? Naturopathic care can bring many benefits to your life, though many people are unsure what to expect. Here’s a quick introduction to how naturopathy can support your health goals and a healthy lifestyle.

      Who Are Naturopathic Providers?

      Naturopathic doctors (known as ND’s) have met the licensing standard of the country and state in which they practice. They typically have four years of pre-med education and a four year post-graduate education at accredited universities and training centers. They can prescribe and diagnose within the parameters of their license and training and can help you make sense of the many care options available. Some naturopathic doctors have areas of special expertise, which may include:

      • Fertility, conception, and pregnancy
      • Hormonal balancing for menopausal women or men experiencing low testosterone
      • Mothers, infants, and children
      • Geriatric care and older adults
      • Family medicine
      • Sports medicine and injury recovery

      What Can Naturopathic Medicine Do for Me?

      Naturopathic treatments are gentle healing modalities that support and augment your body’s ability to heal itself. Many people seek the advice of a naturopathic provider after experiencing side effects from conventional drugs or because they want to explore other treatment options. Naturopathic treatment might include herbal supplements, sessions with an acupuncturist or body worker, dietary and lifestyle changes, and therapeutic exercises done at home on a regular basis.

      What Doesn’t Naturopathic Medicine Do?

      If you need of surgery, emergency medical attention, or other acute care, your naturopathic provider will likely refer you to a conventional physician, surgeon, or emergency room. Additionally, they are likely to refer you to a conventional clinic if diagnostic x-rays and certain tests need to be performed.

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