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      What Is Mindful Eating?

      Mindful Eating Seattle WA

      Mindful eating is a holistic self-care practice that involves giving your body the necessary attention while you enjoy your food and the positive effects it has on your body. It starts with asking yourself, “Am I hungry?” before eating. You then have the opportunity to make a conscious choice to eat what will best serve your body in that moment.

      Key benefits of mindful eating include:

      • Recognizing non-hunger eating cues.
      • Understanding both physical and emotional hunger cues.
      • Learning how to meet your emotional needs without eating.
      • Choosing food for nourishment as well as enjoyment.
      • Eating for deep sense of satisfaction and to feel comfortably full.
      • Fueling a life you love with foods that sustain you.

      How Does Mindful Eating Heal Food-Related Issues?

      Do you find yourself eating food without thinking about your emotional triggers and feelings? It can lead to overeating or eating unhealthy foods. Mindful eating helps you become aware of your food-related patterns and make better choices in future.

      Asking yourself, “Am I hungry?” tunes you into your thoughts to consider how you will respond to your cravings. By responding thoughtfully instead of impulsively, you can break unhealthy, food-related mental patterns and pave the way for a better way of fueling – and relating to – your body.

      Do you struggle with food-related habits, obsessions, or simply have a poor relationship with food? If so, mindful eating and a nutritional counseling appointment can help. Contact our expert naturopathic team at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine to begin your journey to a healthier body and mind.

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