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      How to Heal Your Adrenals with Healthy Eating

      Adrenals Treatment Seattle WA

      The number one cause of many of the issues we see in our clinic, especially with women, is chronic stress. Stress prompts the body to release an ongoing rush of adrenaline, causing everything from exhaustion and mood swings to hormonal imbalances, often categorized as adrenal fatigue. Yet, rather than nurture themselves when they notice warning signs, many women try to push through their symptoms, relying on caffeine, sugar, sleep aids, and even alcohol to manage stress, none of which help the body heal.

      Eat your way to adrenal health and overall wellness

      In addition to getting enough rest and working with a physician who specializes in adrenal issues, you can greatly improve your well being by making mindful food choices. Avoid sugar (and the related sugar crash) and instead consider the following foods, and the best times to eat them:


      Making sure you eat enough protein (at least 25 grams) at each meal is essential to boosting energy levels. Excellent choices include wild fish, eggs, free-range chicken, beef, and quality protein powders. Whenever possible, seek out organic meat, often available at your local farmer’s market.


      Avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut, butter, cheese, and other dairy products are excellent sources of dietary fat and energy. Be sure to choose foods from natural sources (not processed).

      Essential Superfoods

      Eager to speed up your adrenal recovery? The following superfoods offer your adrenals a strong boost:

      • Bone broth: Bone marrow has been proven to reduce inflammation, encourage the development of healthy cholesterol, and increase immunity. It provides vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all of which can be easily absorbed by our intestines in this form.
      • Fermented foods: Your immune system can greatly benefit from eating fermented food and drink to build up gut bacteria. Kimchee, kefir, yogurt, kombucha, and kvass are all excellent sources.
      • Seaweed: Rich in minerals and phytonutrients, seaweed provides nutrients unavailable in our daily diet. You can find a wide variety at your grocery store, all of which can be incorporated into a salad or stir fry, or enjoyed raw.

      Choose the right time of day to eat

      Because the hormone cortisol helps the body to maintain its circadian rhythms, eating at prescribed times of day can help your body replenish, gain energy, and work as effectively as possible.

      • Eat breakfast: Breakfast is vital for those with adrenal fatigue. Be sure to enjoy a high quality source of protein along with whole grain carbohydrates – think veggie omelet or a breakfast smoothie made with yogurt or kefir. Avoid sugary cereals, waffles, and other sugary meal options, all of which can cause a blood sugar crash.
      • Eat small meals throughout the day: To counter adrenal fatigue eat multiple small meals throughout the day to keep blood sugar stable and minimize food cravings and feelings of stress.

      Nutritional Counseling

      Struggling to overcome adrenal fatigue? Nutritional counseling is an excellent way to start. Our team at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine specializes in assessing your diet and providing nutritional guidance to boost your health and vitality. Contact us today!

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