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      Can I Get Acupuncture When Im Pregnant?

      Acupuncture During Pregnancy Seattle WA

      Acupuncture is a therapy used to balance energy, or qi, within the body through the use of small needles and pressure points. This unblocks and increases the flow of qi to promote health and well-being.

      When you become pregnant, every choice you make about your health can have an effect on your unborn child. Acupuncture, however, is one treatment that you do not have to worry about. In fact, it can be beneficial to the baby, too. Be sure to discuss your pregnancy with your acupuncturist before receiving any treatment. Make sure they have extensive prenatal and reproductive health experience as well as certification from the National Commission.


      Acupuncture treatments can be beneficial in reducing pregnancy-related nausea and morning sickness. This therapy can also can relieve lower back and hip pain, often associated with pregnancy. As the fetus grows, an increase in pressure can cause a pinching sensation in the back, hips, and even legs, resulting in issues such as sciatica, which can worsen throughout the pregnancy. Acupuncture can relieve those symptoms, especially when treated early on.

      It can also be used to relieve birth-related anxiety and can, according to the Journal of Chinese Medicine, contribute to a shorter and less painful labor and delivery. If the baby is breech, your acupuncturist may use a technique called moxibustion, in which a stick of the dried herb mugwort is burned near pressure points, stimulating activity and correcting the baby’s position. Both the heat and the medicinal qualities of the herb come into play at this time.

      How Often?

      A session once a month can benefit you greatly by reducing general pregnancy-related issues. If you have acute issues such as pinched nerves, extreme nausea, severe depression or anxiety, discuss options with your therapist to increase bodywork to specifically to root out those sources of distress.

      Post Natal Treatments

      Post natal care can be as important as prenatal, especially when treating anxiety and depression. While it can easily be disregarded as “baby blues,” postnatal depression can make an already-trying time seem impossible. Acupuncture therapy has been shown to produce significant results as a non-pharmaceutical treatment.


      If you are still a little wary of having needles inserted during pregnancy, consider acupressure. This therapy applies pressure on meridian points with the use of fingers, elbows and other body parts to help release qi. Acupuncture during pregnancy can greatly benefit both you and your baby. Contact us at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine to learn more and book a session today!

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