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      Are Naturopaths Real Doctors?

      Naturopathic Doctors Seattle WA

      Considering natural medicine and wondering what kind of physicians naturopathic doctors really are?

      Naturopathic doctors (NDs) empower the body to heal itself through a wide variety of treatments. At Water’s Edge Natural Medicine, we combine traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, including acupuncture, with herbal prescriptions and nutritional therapy to support and nourish the body on its healing journey.

      How Do Naturopaths Help Heal the Body?

      Naturopathic doctors focus on preventative care, such as helping a patient avoid heart disease by encouraging lifestyle changes or addressing symptoms using alternative approaches.

      NDs have medical training just like MDs, but they attend naturopathic medical schools, not MD programs. In terms of training and hours, NDs and MDs undertake similar paths. The basics are the same (pathology, anatomy, etc.), and the exams are similar for NDs and MDs.

      The biggest training difference is in the clinical realm. ND students spend 100% of clinical training in outpatient settings. They can do minor surgery, such as removing a skin tag, but they don’t train to become surgeons. This means that NDs decide earlier in their programs what specialty interests them, and focus on mastering a niche.

      Naturopathy vs. Homeopathy

      These two fields are often confused. They both look at individuals holistically when approaching health, yet they use different healing tracts. Homeopathy involves prescribing homeopathic remedies in tiny doses based on a variety of factors unique to the patient. Naturopathic medicine does not dictate how medicine is given, but instead focuses on a philosophy of treatment. Some physicians use only homeopathy in their practice, and these physicians are called Homeopaths. Some Naturopaths use homeopathy as one of the many parts of their practice, like at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine.

      Many NDs work in tandem with MDs to provide patients with a holistic approach to health. Health care is best provided in a team, and NDs can be an integral part of it.

      If you’re looking for the best health care options, expanding your reach and getting help from as many experts as possible is an excellent place to start. Can an ND round out your medical provider team? Call us at Water’s Edge Natural Medicine today to find out what services can help boost your health and wellness!

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