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      Anti-Aging Benefits of Stem Cells

      Stem Cell Treatment for Anti-Aging Seattle WA

      With human beings living longer than ever, the validity of stem cells as anti-aging agents is the basis for much research. Longevity relies on the repair and replacement of organs as they fail, a function that stem cells, which are integral to the development of human beings in the womb, may be able to perform.

      Telomerase, The Body’s Boon

      Anti-aging researchers like Dr. Bryant Villeponteau, author of Decoding Longevity, began working with telomeres in the mid-90s. A telomere is located at the very tip of each arm of a DNA molecule and is approximately 15,000 bases long at the time of conception in the womb. As the fetus grows, cells divide and telomeres shorten with each division. Old age occurs when telomeres are reduced to a length of about 5,000 bases, at which time an individual may die of natural causes.

      The enzyme telomerase, contained within these telomeres, works to repair the ends of chromosomes to keep them from shortening, preventing the body from deteriorating. While telomerase is mainly active in embryonic cells, it continues to act in adult stem cells.

      Adult Stem Cells At Work

      Benefits to using adult stem cells include the use of a patient’s own genetic material, which eliminates any immune-related issues. However, the problem with these matured cells is that they reduce and grow dysfunctional as a person ages.

      Researchers like Dr. Villeponteau are now funding technology to increase adult stem cells in patients while allowing them to differentiate into various cell types, minus the aging process. If increasing adult stem cells can be achieved, the regenerative possibilities are endless.

      Benefits of adult stem cells in an anti-aging capacity include:

      • Assisting the skin with shedding old cells and regenerating new ones for a fresh, healthy glow.
      • Maintaining regeneration at youthful levels.

      The health and elasticity of your skin are primary indicators of your age, and adult stem cells are responsible for birthing new skin cells. With medical encouragement, these stem cells can stimulate continued regeneration at a time when your skin’s turnover would ordinarily reduce.

      Stem cell research is an exciting field based on the regeneration of our own physical makeup. Looking for an anti-aging boost? The following facial creams use stem-cell stimulating properties and may be worth a try.

      • Lumene Excellent Future Dual Boost Age-Defying & Repairing Day Cream
      • Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream
      • Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Cream

      For an in-depth assessment of your own skin, as well as nutritional guidance to help you nourish your body, call Water’s Edge Natural Medicine today!

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